About SAMASA Alumni Association


The SAMASA Alumni Association

The Sandigan para sa Mag-aaral at Sambayanan (SAMASA) Alumni Association (SAA) is formed to bring together alumni of University of the Philippines –Diliman campus who were once officers of SAMASA, ran for Student Council Office under SAMASA, members and supporters of the SAMASA Party-Alliance, or individual members of the SAMASA Executive Committee, Executive Board, or of any Committee of the SAMASA. The SAA also welcomes an alumnus of UP whose loyalty to SAMASA can be vouched for by any SAA officer.

In Pursuit of SAMASA Vision

Under the SAA, members come together, who still adhere to the core SAMASA principles: service to the studentry and the Filipino people; who have shared experiences of struggle, despite (and, perhaps, because of) which we still want to pursue SAMASA’s progressive vision for Philippine society, especially for the marginalized sectors; and who are comfortable with each other, and are willing to work together to attain the common objectives. Admittedly, nostalgia plays a big role in this beginning, for we have grown to adulthood and have led lives apart. But all these things we still share make for a network with a lot of potential for mobilization and collective action.

General Objectives

1. Establish the SAA as a center, a venue for coordination, knowledge and experiences sharing, networking, and assistance among its members;
2. Revive the student leadership training and development tradition of SAMASA;
3. Institutionalize assistance programs for SAA members, with particular focus on health care;
4. Make contributions to and support the development of the University of the Philippines.